o long waiting on my bucketlist. We've finally made it in June 2019. Right after we arrived I was perplexed. It was midnight and it was still bright outside. The sun was setting slowly and magnificently. I love these kinds of magic and colours painted by the sun in the sky. I was already bought.

Afterwards, we rent a car and drove through the land that looked liked Mars. The scenery was as magical as the sundown that we saw. These feelings remained with us during the whole trip. We were constantly astonished, looking through the window with delight. Here are my carefuly crafted memories. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Places worth to stay in Iceland – our accomodation

  • Vik Camping – Bathrooms have been renovated so everything was very clean, warm and pleasant. There was a big dining room, where we could get warm water and cook our pasta.
  • Lilja guesthouse – Cozy rooms that offer mountain view in South-Eastern Iceland, friendly staff and decent breakfast (amazing oatmeal). It’s was a clean and well-maintained place. We were really happy that we stayed there after the night under the tent.
  • Blabjorgs GuestHouse – You could start doubting driving to this place thinking if it even exists as the road seemed to have no end. As, usual we were thinking that it’s just a normal guest house but we couldn’t be more surprised. Rooms were rather regular then perfect but you will definitely enjoy the views from this hostel and its SPA facilities. Good value for money.
  • An apartment in Stykkishólmur – Again, we underestimated this place while we were booking. It was a gorgeous house with clean rooms, a beautiful salon, with jacuzzi outside. We regret that we couldn’t stay here longer.

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