Indonesia – Bali throwback


t was 2018 when I got there. I had no expectations back then - never really dreamed about this place. I wasn't biased by the opinions circulating on the Internet - not truly a fan of Bali, not the one who will tell the island is overrated. The only thing that I had was curiosity and an open mind. I would also recommend this approach to any traveller. I have a deep belief that you can find this "something" in ANY place, your mind only needs to be receptive.

Since I was a child I loved being surrounded by beautiful items, enjoyed watching splendid things. Hence I can easily get addicted to beautiful feeds on Instagram or other platforms with such content. Of course, I learned through the years how to balance this with real life so I don’t spend on my phone much more than 2 hours in total per day. Nevertheless, scrolling through carefully selected Tumblr accounts with ecstatic photos is still one of the best things I do on gloomy days, listening to my favourite music to get my mood back on track. So as you can imagine, Bali was a place in which I felt marvellous. However, it is something more than just a picturesque spot that I undoubtedly entirely value along. This part of the world evokes massive amounts of energy and thoughts that are snoozed during my standard, routine days. That’s why I agree with The Lonely Planet that Bali is more than a place – it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind.

Since it is my throwback post and I am writing these almost three years after I’ve been there, I won’t share more thoughts and experiences in this post. However, I’ve already planned a visit there so I am going to write up a more updated note. Stay tuned and enjoy a few oldest photos from the island!

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